Addressing Haniyeh, Iran’s Chief of Staff: Zionist acts of terrorism are proof of incapacity and confusion.

In a condolence telegram sent by Major General Bagheri to Haniyeh on Wednesday, he said: The hand of the criminals of the Zionist entity has again committed an act on the day of Eid al-Fitr, the holiday of the worship of God and the joy of Muslims. They murdered six of your children and grandchildren, and added another page to their black criminal record, in an act that stems from the weakness, humiliation and incapacity of the terrorist leaders of this entity.

It also added this: There is no doubt that the revenge for this crime and the martyrdom of thousands of innocent people in Gaza will not go unanswered in accordance with the clear text of the verse of Allah Almighty: “Indeed We, from the criminals, will take retribution.” With the powerful weapons of the heroic Islamic resistance fighters, the Zionists will be punished for their shameful acts.

He said the following: These acts of terrorism are not due to the ability of the Zionist entity; rather, they are proof of its confusion, despair and inability to change the calculations of the resisting Palestinian people and the Palestinian mujahideen.

He continued: As I offer my congratulations and condolences on the martyrdom of your beloved sons, I would like to remind you of the glad tidings of Allah Almighty for the patient, who said: “And give glad tidings to those who are patient, and when a calamity befalls them, say: “”Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return” I ask Allah Almighty to grant mercy and forgiveness to our loved ones and patience and tranquility to you and your family.

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