Iran’s response… and the possibility of advancing military tactics

The missile strike enabled Iran to read the American air defense network in the region and act tough in a moment of alarm, which, according to experts, laid the foundation for Iran’s advanced military tactics in the future.
By launching its marches and missiles at designated and designated targets within the enemy presence, the Islamic Republic of Iran has drawn a new level of equation on the military and political map of the region, addressing the Americans before the Zionists and their Arab allies.
With this massive missile campaign launched by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards against the occupying structure, Iran has moved from the stage of knowing the enemy through intelligence to the stage of knowing the enemy’s capabilities in terms of air defense organizations, operational tactics and other possible capabilities.
In this context, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani called on the American administration to accept Iran’s response to the Zionist occupation instead of following irresponsible tendencies, stressing that “Iran’s action against the occupying entity was in self-defense and reaction to the occupation. He emphasized that Tehran acted in a professional manner against the entity’s attacks and that the response was logical and responsible.

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