Just like the victory of the Prophets, the victory of the Islamic Revolution is definite

On the birth anniversary of Lady Fatima Zahra—Prophet Muhammad’s daughter (p.b.u.t.)—which marks National Women and Mothers’ Day in Iran, a group of religious eulogists and panegyrists met with Ayatollah Imam Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, this morning February 26, 2019.
In this meeting, the Supreme Leader praised the efforts of panegyrists who eulogize about the life and qualities of Prophet’s progeny and held: The work you, the panegyrists and eulogists of Ahlulbait (a.s.), perform will have deep effects on the great movement of the Iranian nation.

Imam Khamenei described the large number of panegyrists and eulogists on religion as a valuable asset for the country and said: The great number of panegyrists and eulogists of Ahlulbait (a.s.) represent a valuable reserve and asset. If this reserve remains unused and ineffective, it will be an act of oppression. If we did not have this capital, we would not have borne such important responsibility. However, this asset exists, and is to be used for sake of the Revolution, Islam, Imam Hussain (a.s.), and Lady Fatima Zahra (as).

The Leader of the Revolution called for panegyrists to contribute to the conveying of the Islamic teachings and asserted: Today, our nation should communicate the teachings of the Islamic Revolution. This can be done by you, [the panegyrists and eulogists]. I have frequently noted that sometimes a poem or a verse that you recite can be as effective as an entire speech for your audience.

His Eminence further stressed that eulogy can serve as a source of motivation for the Iranian nation’s movement and added: Recite poems with Islamic and Quranic and- in your words- Fatimi and Hussaini contents. Include in your poems, the goals of the revolution with bright intellect; and recite it with a beautiful voice and tune in ceremonies. This will have a deep impact on the great movement of the Iranian nation.

Ayatollah Imam Khamenei reassured his audience as well as the nation that, as long as one works for the sake of God, they will have Him by their side. He stated: God will be with us, provided that we act for the sake of God! Anyone who cannot believe in divine assistance should look at the forty years of the Revolution. The enemies of Truth and God’s religion did not emerge just recently; they have always existed and risen in opposition. Today the opposition exists and will always do. Today, you are on the side that Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the prophet of Islam—Muhammad (p.b.u.h)—took. If we are not well-informed about the side we take, we may fall for making mistakes.

The Supreme Leader praised the Islamic Revolution’s cause by describing it as the same cause pursued by the divine Prophets and asserted: Any flag that is risen today against the Islamic Revolution in Asia, Europe, the Americas or any part of the world, is the same flag that was risen against Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the prophet of Islam (p.b.u.t). The enemies perished and the prophets remained eternal. The path of the prophets became eternal because God told them: “Do not fear; I am with you all the time, listening and seeing (the Quran; 20: 46).” That is, do not be afraid, do not make mistakes, as God is with you.

Imam Khamenei further elaborated on how the Islamic Revolution has remained victorious thanks be o divine assistance by asserting that: Anyone who cannot believe in this divine promise, should look at the forty years of the revolution: our enemies, who were at the center of the material world power, opposed this revolution with full power and did their best. After forty years, they are weaker than day one, and we are stronger.

His Eminence then regarded the forty years of persistence and victories as a sign that God is with the Iranian nation and noted: This shows the Almighty God is with us; albeit, provided that we act for the sake of God. Those who assist God [‘s cause]; God will assist them. This lesson was given to us by Imam Khomeini (r.a.). He advised us to be with God, and he was himself with God.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution or Iran invited the panegyrists and eulogists to grasp the opportunity provided by their profession in order to encourage the nation towards the revolutionary ideals. He specified: Use the opportunity of being the panegyrists of Ahlulbait (a.s.) in the best possible manner, and lead the people towards the goals of the revolution and towards creating a secure and peaceful world for the believers; a world that truly produces the harvest for the hereafter, encompassing material welfare, international dignity and spiritual happiness. This is what we seek and every one of us has a duty [to achieve this goal].

Imam Khamenei highlighted the significant and exceptional role of family as a social entity in the wellbeing of a nation and warned his audience of plots that seek to destroy this valuable entity; he then called his audience to, “Emphasize on the importance of family entity in this era;” further articulating that: “Enemies of humanity have decided since 100 years ago to destroy the institution of family. The recent trends which have led to troublesome or late-age marriages, having fewer children, or ‘cohabitation’—which is wrongful and improper—as well as obliteration of chastity and moral decency are plots pursued by the enemies.

The Supreme Leader finally called for refuting such destructive trends and held: You should regard countering these trends as your duty. Endeavour for promoting chastity and piety among the young people, which is the best action for safeguarding the Revolution and the Islamic establishment.

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