Sunni cleric calls authorities to follow Supreme Leader’s unifying guidelines

Prayer leader of Sunni community in Sanandaj called authorities to follow the guidelines of the Supreme Leader in line with boosting the unity between Shia and Sunni Iranians.

Mamusta Abdul Rahman Khodaee, senior Iranian Sunni scholar slammed the recent desecrating remarks against Sunni Caliphs and sanctities calling for measures to prevent further instances which might undermine the solidarity of Shia and Sunni communities in Iran, reported Taqrib news Agency (TNA).
Prayer leader of the Sunni community in Sanandaj, Iran’s Kurdistan Province said the local scholars’ denunciation of the sacrilegious remarks broadcasted on state television and said it is expected to prevent repetition of such moves which might lead the nation towards division.
The Sunni cleric hailed the immediate reactions against the program televised in a Ramadan special live coverage calling for serious response to the move.
Prayer leader of Sanandaj quoted the Supreme Leader remarks in meeting with the people in Kurdistan province and stressed,” To tarnish the Islamic unity under the name of Shia-Sunni translates to serving the enemies and is hostility against Islam.”
“He who targets national solidarity under the pretext of supporting Shia or Sunni Islam, no matter what denomination he follows, is an enemy of Islam” said the cleric urging all authorities to follow the guidelines of the Supreme Leader in line with boosting cooperation between the Shias and Sunnis.
Mamusta Khodaee called Islamic unity as the grounds for empowerment of the Muslims against enemies and highlighted that as prerequisite to safeguarding the Islamic Revolution and foiling hostile plots against the country.

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