Iran president: israel’s failed ground invasion 2nd victory for resistance after Operation al-Aqsa Storm

Iran’s president says israel’s defeat in its ground invasion of the besieged Gaza Strip was the second victory for the Palestinian resistance groups that launched Operation al-Aqsa Storm against the regime.

Ebrahim Raeisi was speaking in an interview with Al Jazeera TV on Saturday.

israeli forces, backed by warplanes, staged a brief ground raid into central Gaza on Friday, after frequent threats by the regime about launching a full ground invasion as part of a fierce aggression on the besieged Palestinian territory.

The regime’s army said its ground forces, accompanied by fighter jets and drones, “conducted an additional targeted raid in the central Gaza Strip.”

On Saturday, the spokesman for the military wing of Hamas resistance movement, al-Qassam Brigades, said the era of delusions about israel’s military and intelligence superiority is over, and humiliating defeats await the occupying regime.

Abu Obaida stated that the israeli military and intelligence apparatuses were crumpled by Operation al-Aqsa Strom, as the Palestinian resistance front tasted victory at the same time.

During his interview, Iran’s president said, “After Operation al-Aqsa Storm [was launched by Palestinian resistance groups], the Zionist regime has not been able to score any real victory, and this is a strategic failure [for israel].”

He added, “The defeat that the Zionist regime suffered last night in its ground invasion of Gaza was the second victory [for Palestinians] following [the launch of] Operation al-Aqsa Storm.”

“Zionist regime’s crimes have crossed the red lines, which may force everyone to take action,” Iran’s president said.

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