‘israel’s plan is to crush you and your people,’ Hezbollah warns Arab states

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem has lauded the steadfastness of the resistance front in the face of the israeli occupation.

Sheikh Qassem warned certain Arab states in the region that they will not be spared from israeli brutality if they do not throw their weight behind the Palestinians in Gaza.

The high-ranking official with the Lebanese resistance movement made the remarks in a statement on his X social media account on Sunday, the 23 day of Israel’s constant bombardment of Gaza.

“Let the Arab rulers know the resistance is strong, steadfast and victorious, God Almighty willing, and the days will prove that,” Sheikh Qassem said.

“You should know that israel’s plan is to crush you and your people. What is happening in Gaza is a model for you and your role after it unless you are slaves and subject to it. And remember that the israeli slogan is ‘From the Euphrates to the Nile.”

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