What are the American weapons that the occupation uses to annihilate Gaza?

In light of the ongoing war of extermination that Gaza is being subjected to, it has become noticeable that the scale of the massive explosive capabilities used by the occupation in bombing Gaza is horrific and causes the obliteration of entire neighborhoods. What are these bombs? What weapons does the occupation use in its war on Gaza?

First, eighty percent of the bombs used by the occupation in its aggression against the Gaza Strip are American-made bombs. They are bombs with enormous destructive capacity designed to destroy fortifications in mountainous areas. They are not compatible with the nature of residential homes in the Strip, which leads to the destruction of an entire neighborhood in one raid and causes… The largest number of casualties occurred.

America continues to deliver these bombs to the occupation with an open invoice and non-stop support in light of a green light from the White House that the entity is above accountability and without being prosecuted for the war crimes it commits.

National Security Advisor and White House Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby publicly confirmed that American security aid continues to flow to the Israeli entity on a continuous and daily basis.

This unconditional support prompted a senior US State Department official to resign in protest against the Biden administration’s handling of the Gaza war linked to “the continued provision of lethal aid to the entity without this aid being subject to scrutiny to ensure that it does not commit serious violations against human rights.”

American support for the occupation did not stop at the borders of sending bombs, lethal weapons, troop carriers, and armored vehicles. Rather, it went beyond that to the arrival of a squadron of E-11 aircraft to Al Dhafra base in the UAE to support the occupation and repel any external attacks, according to what the Wall Street Journal revealed from a Pentagon official.

America had moved the aircraft carrier ‘Geraldford’ to support Washington’s naval presence in the region, and the US Central Command said that ‘the attack group of the US aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford and its crew, which consists of about five thousand individuals, arrived in the eastern Mediterranean to protect the entity and fear From the entry of other parties into the war.

The Pentagon has also prepared additional warplanes to support squadrons of E-11, F-15, and F-16 aircraft located at bases throughout the Middle East to assist the occupation army if necessary. While US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin continued to confirm in several statements that the United States is actively providing emergency supplies of weapons to the occupation.

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