Ismail Haniyeh: You were defeated on October 7 and in your ground incursion

Ismail Haniyeh said in a speech today, Wednesday: Our people and our mujahideen are still fighting the battle with all merit and ability, and the Al-Qassam Brigades are confronting the occupation with all valor and courage that deserve all appreciation.

Haniyeh added: The Gaza war is a fateful battle between those who believe in tolerance and coexistence and the Nazis, and we stand in reverence and admiration for this legendary steadfastness of our people despite the ongoing massacres. The steadfastness of our people thwarted the enemy’s plans for a new catastrophe, and I say to the enemies that you were defeated on October 7 and in your faltering ground incursion.

He continued: We have repeatedly informed the international parties that Netanyahu’s continued storming of Al-Aqsa and the practices of his government will not go unnoticed, and we warn that Netanyahu is ready to burn everything green and dry to protect himself.

Ismail Haniyeh indicated that Hamas presented a comprehensive vision that begins with stopping the aggression, opening the crossings, and concluding a prisoner exchange deal.

He stressed that successive israeli governments had failed to fulfill any of their promises, and that it would cost the occupation a lot to realize its mistake, including the lives of a number of its prisoners held by the resistance.

Ismail Haniyeh called on “israel’s supporters, led by America, to stop obstructing the international will to demand an end to the aggression,” warning that “the region or outside it will not enjoy security and stability as long as our people do not enjoy their legitimate rights to freedom, stability and return.”

The head of the Hamas political bureau saluted “all the resistance fronts in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Syria for their advanced positions and legitimate struggle.”

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