‘Sinwar’ shakes the occupation entity… Gallant threatens to assassinate him

On Sunday, the Hebrew newspaper “The Times of israel” announced that the Minister of War in the occupation government, Yoav Galant, said that “israeli forces” will eliminate Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar.

Gallant continued, according to the report: “We will find Yahya Sinwar and eliminate him. If the people of Gaza do this before us, this will shorten the time of war.”

The spokesman for the israeli occupation army, Daniel Hagari, recently stated that “the intention of Hamas and its leader Sinwar is to show the image of destroyed Gaza and hold [Israel] responsible for the suffering of the people there,” as he claimed.

“They will not be able to hide the real culprits, themselves, who brought destruction to Gaza,” Hagari said.

The ongoing israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip and the rising toll of martyrs among the civilian population sparked massive pro-Palestinian demonstrations in many countries of the world including Britain and the United States on Saturday, demanding an end to israeli attacks.

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