Israeli Colonel Warns against Complacency with Hezbollah: Rudwan Forces May Surprise Us

The Israeli media outlets continued f0llowing up the repercussions of the speech made by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah on Friday, November 3, 2023, amid the increasing tensions on the northern borders with Lebanon.

In this regard, the reserve colonel and security expert, Kobi Marom, issued a grave warning against complacency with Hezbollah.

Speaking on 103FM, Marom emphasized that Hezbollah remains a sophisticated and formidable organization that could surprise the Zionist army.

“Hezbollah has a considerable force presence on the border, so we should not be swayed by the moderation in Nasrallah’s speech when assessing the situation on the ground,” Marom cautioned. “We must exercise extreme caution, particularly after the seventh of October. Any miscalculation of casualties could lead to a dangerous escalation.”

Marom highlighted the urgency of addressing the intolerable proximity of Hezbollah’s commando forces, underscoring the peril posed by the Rudwan (Hezbollah elite groups) formations on the northern border.

Meanwhile, the political correspondent of KAN Channel, Gili Cohen, indicated that Tel Aviv deals with the developments on the northern borders with a realizable fear, adding that Hezbollah is concerned with keeping the skirmishes, without moving to an all-out war.

Cohen, however, stressed that Hezbollah leader himself has the upperhand pertaining the decision to wage an all-out war, not ‘Israel’.

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