Leader of the Revolution: We are all hopeful about the future of the events in Gaza and we will do our duty

His Eminence continued, saying: Achieving such scientific achievements depends on motivation based on determination and faith. Wherever our youth entered with determination and faith, they were able to do great things, and the signs of determination and faith are clear in this exhibition.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution added: The other feature of the exhibition Geospatial Force The Revolutionary Guardis innovation. Naturally, we should not be satisfied with the current level of success, because the various military and civilian sectors in the world are constantly moving and improving and we must try not to lag behind.

Ayatollah Imam Khamenei described the movement and progress in the armed forces as fast and good and continued: In some sectors of the country our situation is very good, but in some sectors our situation It is not good and there are shortages and defects, and in these sectors we must move towards determining the point of need by correctly identifying the needs.

In another aspect of his statements, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed out that the events of Gaza revealed many hidden truths to the peoples of the world, and among these truths was the support of the leaders of Western countries practice racial discrimination. He said: The Zionist entity is a manifestation of racial discrimination. The Zionists consider themselves a superior race and consider the rest of the human race an inferior race, and for this reason they killed several thousand children without feeling any feeling or remorse.

He added: When the President of the United States, the Chancellor of Germany, the President of France, and the Prime Minister of England support and assist such a racist entity with all these allegations, this means that these gentlemen support racial discrimination as the most hateful issue in the world.

He explained that the Zionist entity failed to act despite the intense bombing of Gaza, because they said from the beginning that our goal was to destroy and destroy Hamas and the resistance, but after more than 40 days, and despite using all their military capabilities, they have not yet been able to do so.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution considered the brutal bombing of hospitals, women and children in Gaza a sign that the leaders of the Zionist entity feel great concern about their defeat, and added: The defeat of the Zionist entity in Gaza is a reality, and storming hospitals or people’s homes is not a victory, because victory means defeating the other party, which the entity was not able to do. The Zionist has been unable to achieve it so far and will not be able to achieve it in the future.

Ayatollah Imam Khamenei stressed that the dimensions of this failure go beyond the Zionist entity and said: This failure means the failure of America and the Western countries as well, and now the whole world is facing the fact that the Zionist entity, which possesses sophisticated and advanced military facilities and equipment, was unable to overcome its opponent, who does not possess any of these. Accompanying.

Regarding the duties and performance of Muslim governments, His Eminence added: It appears that some Islamic governments have condemned the crimes of the Zionist entity in their councils, and some have not yet done so, but this is unacceptable, because their primary mission is to cut off the artery and vital flow of the Zionist entity and to prevent Islamic governments from reaching energy and goods to this entity.

The Islamic Revolution indicated that Islamic governments must sever their political relationship with the Zionist entity for a limited period at least, and said: Nations must not let the injustice to which the Palestinian people are subjected be forgotten by continuing their gatherings and demonstrations. We are certain of God’s promise and we are all hopeful for the future and we will do our duty.

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