Gaza Humanitarian Truce: Battlefield Losses Frustrate Israeli War Scheme

Hamas Movement announced Wednesday a four-day humanitarian truce in Gaza, highlighting the Egyptian and Qatari efforts to conclude the agreement after hard negotiations.

In a statement, Hamas indicated that the agreement stipulates that both parties cease fire, and the Zionist enemy halt hostilities and freeze its vehicles.

The pact also includes the entry of hundreds of truck of humanitarian, medical, and fuel aid into all the areas of the besieged enclave.

Hamas also mentioned that 50 of the Israelis detained in Gaza, including women and children, would be released in exchange for 150 Palestinian women and children held in Israeli jails.

The statement indicated that the Zionist military flights would be halted over Southern Gaza and restricted to 6 hours over the Strip’s north in accordance with the pact, which also prevents the enemy from arresting any Palestinian in Gaza during the truce.

Hamas Movement underscored that the statement was written in accordance with the Resistance considerations, stressing that fingers will remain on triggers to defend the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad Movement stressed it would not release the Israeli military captives it holds in Gaza before the enemy releases all the Palestinian prisoners.

For its part, the Israeli government approved the pact after a five-hour session. The Zionist media outlets indicated that most of the cabinet members voted in favor of the decision.

Thus, the Israeli battlefield losses pushed the occupation command to accept the truce as the number of Zionist casualties rose remarkable during few past days.

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