The occupation forces opened fire in northern Gaza in repeated violations of the ceasefire

Al-Mayadeen correspondent in Gaza confirmed that the occupation forces violated the ceasefire agreement between the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian resistance, as they opened fire in the northern Gaza Strip, especially in Sheikh Ridwan neighbourhood.

Al-Mayadeen reporter said that during the withdrawal of the occupation forces, they fired artillery shells and smoke bombs west of Sheikh Ridwan neighbourhood, in order to prevent the withdrawal from the neighbourhood centre in the direction of Al-Rashid Street.

According to the reporter, in Al-Shati camp, the occupation forces fired smoke bombs at the houses of citizens.

Al-Mayadeen’s correspondent in the Gaza Strip quoted the Ministry of Health as confirming that the occupation forces have so far refused to allow fuel for hospitals to enter the northern areas.

Israel’s violation comes after an agreement was reached in coordination with Qatar and Egypt to extend the ceasefire in Gaza for two more days on the same terms as before.

This is not the first time that the occupation violated the ceasefire agreement: on Sunday, a farmer was martyred and another farmer was wounded by Israeli bullets in the centre of the Gaza Strip.

The occupation targeted farmers working on their lands east of Al-Maghazi camp, east of the Central Governorate.

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