The Gaza Genocide is the most significant development of Israeli aggression

The Zionist occupation forces continue to carry out the genocide in Gaza on the 81st day of the war, carrying out dozens of airstrikes and artillery shelling, carrying out bloody massacres against civilians, field executions and committing horrific crimes in the occupied territories. In the framework of the crime of genocide, in the midst of a catastrophic humanitarian situation, siege and displacement of more than 90% of the population…

The Palestinian Information Centre reported, according to its correspondent, that the occupation warplanes and artillery continued their raids and heavy bombardments on Tuesday, targeting houses, communities, facilities and streets in various parts of the Gaza Strip, leaving hundreds of martyrs and wounded.

The occupation planes bombed Al-Fouad Market in the commercial street in Deir Al-Balah.

The occupation warplanes launched fire belts at Batn al-Sameen area and Morag area, and bombed the house of Dr Khamis al-Najjar in Qizan al-Najjar, south of Khan Younis city, killing several people. There are reports of injured and missing under the rubble.

The occupation planes also launched heavy artillery bombardment on the centre of Khan Younis.

The occupation planes bombed the house of Riyad Abu Zarqa in Al-Hollandi neighbourhood, west of Khan Younis.

Two people were killed when an occupation aircraft bombed a house belonging to the Al-Amsi family near Al-Najma Junction in Rafah.

The Israeli warplanes also bombed a house in Shabura camp in the centre of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

Zionist warships shelled west of Nusayrat, while occupation artillery shelled east of Bureij in the central Gaza Strip.


The occupation forces continued their attacks on many areas in the Gaza Strip, amid heavy clashes in these areas.

The Palestinian Information Centre correspondent reported that the occupation forces committed horrible crimes in the areas under attack, including field executions, raids, looting and destruction of homes and facilities, besieging thousands of citizens in their homes and depriving them of food, water and health. There are wounded and martyrs in homes and on the streets. The occupation forces are carrying out random arrests, including widespread harassment of citizens.

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