Hezbollah announced that one of its prominent leaders was martyred in an Israeli attack

The Lebanese Islamic Resistance announced the martyrdom of “Hajj Jawad” (Wissam Hassan Tawil’i) from the town of Khirbet Selm in southern Lebanon.

Commander Al-Taweel was martyred in an Israeli attack targeting his vehicle in South Lebanon. According to sources, the martyr Wissam Al-Taweel was the leader of the “Radwan Brigade” of Hezbollah and was responsible for operations in the south. Al-Taweel was born in 1970 in Tyre, Lebanon. He joined Hezbollah at a young age and quickly rose to become one of its most prominent leaders.

The commander held several leadership positions in Hezbollah, notably in the areas of military industrialisation and foreign operations. He was also a member of the party’s Central Shura Council. “Hajj Jawad” is Hezbollah’s most prominent field commander who was martyred in the “Al-Aqsa Flood” battle against the Israeli occupation.

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