IRGC Commander Vows Revenge for Wednesday Terrorist Attack

he Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Commander Mohammad Ali Jaafari issued a statement Thursday, vowing to take revenge for yesterday’s deadly terrorist attack on a bus carrying Revolutionary Guards personnel.

A Takfiri suicide bomber targeted a bus carrying Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) personnel in southeastern Sistan and Baluchistan province near the border with Pakistan late on Wednesday, martyring 27, and wounding 13 more.

In his message of condolence on the attack, Major General Jaafari described the terrorist attack as a sign of enemies’ frustration over the huge turnout of millions of Iranians to the February 11 rallies to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. Jaafari described the people’s participation in the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution celebrations as ‘a miraculous epic’ which struck a strong slap in the face of global domination system led by the United States and Israeli regime.

The IRGC commander went on to call on the Pakistani government and the security and military institutions of the neighboring country to intensify their crackdown on the Takfiri terrorist groups that are based there to put an end to their anti-security actions which are detrimental to the interests of both nations of Iran and Pakistan.

At the end his message, he offered his condolences on the martyrdom of the slain Revolutionary Guards to the Leader of the Islamic Republic and their families, declaring that the IRGC forces will take revenge for the blood of the martyrs of this incident.

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