Israeli Shelling Injures Seven Palestinians in Gaza

At least seven Palestinians were injured on Thursday night by Israeli artillery shelling on Rafah town in southern Gaza Strip.

Ashraf al-Qudra, spokesman of the Health Ministry in Gaza, told reporters that seven Palestinians were moderately injured by the shrapnel of the shells fired by occupation troops stationed on the border between eastern Gaza Strip and the occupied territories.

An Israeli army spokesman said in a press statement that the artillery shelling was a response to the releasing of arson balloons carrying explosives that exploded in the occupied territories’ south. No injuries were reported.

Palestinian security officials said it was the third day that the occupation army has launched strikes on Gaza.

The Israeli shelling on Gaza coincided with protests of dozens of demonstrators who gathered east of Rafah close to the border as part of the night protests, known as “Night Confusion” which are aimed at breaking the Israeli crippling siege on the coastal enclave.

Palestinians have been also taking part in weekly protests every Friday, as part of The March of Return, which started in March last year and calls on the Zionist entity to end 12 years of blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip. Palestinians also demand through the protests to return to their homeland which they were displaced from since the Nakba in 1948.

The March of Return protests have left more than 260 Palestinians killed and about 29,000 others wounded, according to Gaza Health Ministry officials.

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