Bogus advocates of human rights have records of atrocious human rights violations: Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Imam Ali Khamenei

When it comes to human rights issues, we are the ones to demand; we are not the ones that have to respond. Look at what they did in our own time with DAESH or in Syria and Myanmar. That is while they claim to be supporting human rights. We have clear ideas about human rights. We have claims against those untruthful and brazen people who make extravagant claims about human rights.

They blind their own people on the streets of Paris and they claim about human rights!

My advice is that we should not trust the Europeans either. As for the US, two, three years before the discussions about nuclear negotiations, I used to constantly say to officials – both in private and public meetings – that I do not trust the US. You should not trust them. You should not believe them. You should not trust their words, their promises, their signatures, and their smiles. They are not trustworthy. Well, now the result is that those officials who used to negotiate in those days are saying today that the US is not trustworthy. Well, they should have known about this untrustworthiness from the beginning and then they could have moved forward! Today, I am saying that the Europeans are not trustworthy.

I am not saying that you should not establish relations with them when it comes to the affairs of the country. After all, we are a government and a system which is thankfully powerful and capable. The issue is not this. The issue is that you should adopt a skeptical outlook towards them as they are not committed to anything. Notice that they are blinding their own people on the streets of Paris! The people demonstrating on the streets of Paris are attacked by the armed forces of the French government and many of whom lose their eyesight! They treat their people like this, but they ask us to respect human rights. Well, what is it to you? What is your claim on human rights which entitles you to question another nation about it? Do you have any idea about human rights? They have no idea about human rights! This is not just the case today, nor was it the case in the past and throughout their history. They are like this.

February 8, 2019

The flag of human rights in the hands of the US, Britain and the like has turned into a plaything

You can see how much suffering is being inflicted on nations by the bloody claws of the global arrogant powers. The world is still suffering from colonialism, which is now applying modern methods. In the past, colonial powers used to directly dominate other nations. However, with the awareness and awakening of nations, the era of old colonialism came to an end. But it was replaced by neocolonialism.

In the neocolonial era, world powers did not try to directly rule other countries; for instance, unlike the old colonial era, Britain did not install a British ruler in India in the neo-colonial era. Instead, the colonial states brought their agents to power in the countries under their influence. This is what they did with regard to the former regime in Iran when they brought Reza Khan and his son to power, and in many other countries in the Third World, including Islamic countries.

For many years, the colonial countries oppressed other nations, brought dictators and military regimes to power and prevented national participation through whatever means possible. Today, they see that this method is no longer effective. Thus, they have found a new way of dominating other countries, i.e. dominating them by influencing their nations. This new method is what I recently referred to as postmodern colonialism.

In the present postmodern colonial era, the arrogant powers are trying to influence other nations with the help of their agents, by spending money and through propaganda tactics and colorful enticements. They are also trying to whitewash the world’s oppressors and their dark records.

These attempts will also prove futile since the face of the arrogant and oppressive powers is too ugly to be whitewashed. They will not be able to hide their oppressive and savage nature. What is happening in Iraq provides an example. You can see what these arrogant powers are doing in Iraq. Today, the flag of human rights in the hands of the United States, Britain and the like has turned into a ridiculous and funny plaything.

January 8, 2005

Those who sit beside the heads of medieval Saudi Arabia speak against Iran on the issue of human rights!

Terrorism in the region has its roots in the Americans. The same is true of the issue of human rights. The Americans are highlighting the issue of human rights again. This is really ridiculous and surprising! The people who sit beside the heads of medieval and tribal Saudi Arabia – this is really a scandal which in my opinion will never be erased from the history of the Americans: this is like a permanent mark on their foreheads – speak against the Islamic Republic on the issue of human rights. They go to a country which knows nothing whatsoever about democracy, elections and the like and they make ironic statements against a country like Iran which is the center and embodiment of democracy! They accuse it of violating human rights! These are things which will be preserved in history. Of course, such events might be forgotten today because of various kinds of political uproar and tumult, but they will undoubtedly remain in history.

June 12, 2017

There is discrimination, differentiation, racism, and annihilation of human rights in the U.S

When Imam Khomeini said, “Let out all your shouts and cries on the U.S.” this means defending values, not only defending values particular to Muslims but also defending all human values. Today, as the Americans themselves acknowledge, the U.S. government and the U.S. system have drifted miles away from human values. Did you watch the recent debate between the two candidates for the U.S. presidential elections? Did you see the truths that they revealed? Did you listen to them? They revealed the true nature of the United States. The truths that they revealed were several times larger in number [and worse] than the truths which we had disclosed. Of course, some people did not believe or did not want to believe them.

And what is interesting is that the person who spoke more candidly attracted more attention from the people of America. Because that man spoke more candidly and more openly, the people of America paid more attention to him. The other party said that he is adopting a populist method. Why populist? It is because the people were watching him and they saw that what he was saying was correct. They saw it in the realities of their life. Human values have been annihilated and trampled upon in that country. There is racial discrimination in that country. Just a few days before that debate, that man stood up in his presidential campaign and said that if you are colored – black or red-skinned – and if you are walking on the streets of New York, Chicago, Washington, California, and other such cities, you cannot be sure that you will remain alive for a few more minutes! Notice that this is being said by a person who expects to go to the White House in a few days to manage the affairs of the United States! This is what is meant by racism in the United States.

Poverty has struck the Americans as well. He said that 44 million people are hungry in the U.S.! He and others said that less than one percent of the people of America are the owners of 90 percent of American wealth. Human values have been trampled upon in that country. There is discrimination, differentiation, racism, and annihilation of human rights in the U.S. When you shout, “Dow with the U.S.A.” and when Imam Khomeini (r.a.) said, “Let out all your shouts and cries on the U.S.” this means down with all these vices. It was because of these vices that Imam Khomeini (r.a.) said, “Let out all your shouts and cries on the United States.”

November 2, 2016

The U.S. constantly speaks about human rights while they do everything against human rights

We should reveal the true nature of the claims made by “The Great Satan.” They make false claims. The nature of these claims should be revealed. One of these claims is the issue of human rights. They are against human rights, but they claim to be supporting it. They constantly highlight and speak about human rights. That is while the things that they do are against human rights. The person who holds office today expresses these things in their bare reality. Those who held power before him used to do these things, as well, but their acts were not so transparent. He speaks more candidly and more outspokenly. They speak against Africa, against various races of people, against Latin America, against all peoples, against Muslims, and against everything and everyone. In other words, they are acting against human rights, but they hold a banner claiming to defend human rights. This should be revealed. This is a major farce which should be revealed.

Another sham is that they claim to be fighting against terrorism. They claim that they are fighting against terrorism. First of all, they themselves are defending the terroristic Zionist government. The Zionist government is a terrorist government in occupied Palestine. They acknowledge this. The “Israelis,” too, do not deny the fact that they move their tasks forward with terroristic activities. They acknowledge this. They sometimes acknowledge this explicitly. And the main supporter of this government in the region is the US. So, they are supporting this government, but they support other terrorists as well. It was the Americans who created DAESH – the same DAESH who had turned into a big problem for some of our regional countries. They confessed this. They acknowledged this. In his electoral campaign that the same person accused, time and time again, the former administration of creating DAESH. He was telling the truth. This is a correct claim. It was they who created DAESH. They were supporting and defending DAESH until recently, while DAESH was taking its last breaths. This was happening until very recently! Therefore, they are advocates and agents of terrorism, but at the same time, they have waved that flag of fighting against terrorism. These lies should be revealed. These things should be announced to the entire world.


Major Powers perpetrated the crimes by ISIS, atrocities in Syria and Myanmar while they claim to advocate human rights

When it comes to human rights issues, we are the ones to demand; we are not the ones that have to respond. I used to, frequently, visit universities at the beginning of the Revolution. I used to deliver speeches at various universities. The students would ask, and I would answer. Once, a student asked me, “What defense do you have in regard to the issue of women? What defense does the Islamic Republic have?” I answered that we do not have a defensive position, rather we have an offensive position. We charge at these issues. What is a defensive position? We have strong claims regarding the issue of women. We have strong claims for the world when it comes to women! We have strong claims against the tyrannical [Pahlavi] regime – at that time, those issues were being brought up. We do not have a defensive position.

In the area of human rights, the same thing is true. We should not defend, rather we should charge these issues. There are so many people who have committed many crimes and who were engaged in grave corruption. These crimes were not committed in the past only; they are being committed in the present time as well.

Today, the French have become the embodiment of human rights! When you read about the crimes committed by the French in Africa – in Algeria and other African countries – you tremble. Imagine that some people fill a lake or a big marsh with oil and other such substances, and then they make a large number of people – women, men, and children – evacuate their village, force them out to a place nearby this swamp, and then shoot them. After that, those innocent people resort to the lake or the marsh, then they set the lake on fire. –This has actually happened. Such a crime has been committed by the French! In India, six thousand people gathered in a garden to protest against something, but the English placed their machine guns at the gate and they murdered six thousand people in the course of one day, half a day, or several hours!

These events date back to 50, 100 years ago, but notice what they did in our own time with DAESH or in Syria and Myanmar. That is while they claim to be supporting human rights. We have clear ideas about human rights. We have claims against those untruthful and brazen people who make extravagant claims about human rights. These tasks are very good tasks which are, thankfully, being done in the judiciary branch.

June 27, 2018

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