On the 28th day, Al Qassam Brigades continued to confront the enemy, killing 20 of their soldiers

Strip, bombing enemy positions, settlements, meetings and others with large missile salvos for the 28th day in a row.

According to the Palestinian Information Center, the Qassam Brigades Mujahideen carried out a counter-attack on the axis northwest of Gaza City on Thursday evening. Here, dozens of Mujahideen from the Brigades clashed with the armored Zionist force and attacked with various weapons . They destroyed 6 tanks, two troop carriers and a bulldozer, and also targeted soldiers hiding inside a building. Buildings were hit by a “TBG” shell, causing heavy casualties in the ranks of the force. All Mujahideen returned to their bases. safely under cover of mortar shells.

While the enemy officially admits that 20 of its soldiers were killed as a result of the heroic confrontation of the Qassam Mujahideen against the forces that entered the northern Gaza axis since the first day of the ground attack, resistance sources also confirm that the death toll is much higher.

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